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Our Mission

Transform the global production of electronics
by evolving the existing, but disparate supply chain

We are building the tools for the next generation of hardware companies. The place where ambitious creators come to bring radical ideas to life. We all use electronics every day.

Whether it’s writing code on it as an engineer, or even just driving your car or opening your fridge electronics are everywhere. The problem is, the steps to manufacturer those products is broken.

It’s harder than ever to purchase the many components that go into our electronics, and the software to help with this is lacking. Today, we’ve decided to change that.

Team Members
New York


Our team has led and delivered large-scale software and
design projects in multiple startups and high-growth
environments like Uber, Etsy, Facebook, Carta, H1 and Procore.

Zachary Feuerstein

Founder and CEO

Serial entrepreneur, investor, designer and engineer. His expertise focuses on making creative dreams become attainable solutions, providing strategic ways of bridging ideas to execution.

George Balayan

Founder and CTO

He's been at the cutting edge of technology - and he's not done yet. He's worked in self-driving cars, high-frequency trading, mission-critical and highly secure APIs, and much more. Now it’s time for him to disrupt the electronics supply chain.

Nick Freeman


Product-minded Engineer and generalist. Loves programming in Rust but will settle for a Node environment without package dependency conflicts

Juan Moreno


Elite full-stack software engineer/cloud architect with strong background in distributed web and ERP systems. Juan enjoys fixing things, especially cars. Open source fanatic and extremely passionate about building great software.

Andres Kim Lee


Full stack engineer with a background working with various MVC style frameworks. During his free time, Andres enjoys tinkering with 3D printing projects and coming up with the next big idea to pitch on Shark Tank.

Our Investors

Our investors are a core part of the Breadboard team. They believe in our vision, mission, and dream to revolutionize the electronics supply chain.

They’re not only talking about it but putting their money behind it. They’ve helped launch some of the top B2B Vertical SaaS companies, and we’re excited to have them as mentors along our own journey.

We partner with exceptional individuals to launch and build vertical SaaS companies that solve real problems.

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